Two Men Shot in Pioneer Square

Police are investigating a shooting which happened around 2:00am this morning near Occidental Ave. S. and S. Washington St. Police responded to a call of shots being fired and found the two men who had been shot while sitting in a car. The men were treated for their injuries and transported to Harborview Medical Center. The suspected shooter could not be located. Anyone with any information regarding the incident should contact the Seattle Police Department.

Man Wearing “Michael Myers” Mask Robs Business in Pioneer Square


A man wearing a Michael Myers mask robbed a business located in the Pioneer Building at 608 1st Avenue in Pioneer Square around 10:30pm Thursday night. The victim was going back inside the building after a smoke break when an unseen suspect pressed an unknown object against his back and forced him to take the suspect to the business office where the suspect forced him to open the office safe and put the money in a bag. While the victim was filling the bag the suspect ripped the office phone cords from the sockets. The suspect then attempted to zip-tie the victim’s hands behind his back but for some reason did not complete the task. The suspect told the victim to stay in the office for 20 minutes while he fled in an unknown direction, possibly in an unknown car. The victim called 9-1-1. The suspect was described as a male wearing a “Michael Myers” Halloween mask, possibly a t-shirt and blue jeans. The victim sustained no injuries other than bruises on his hands and arms from being pushed around.

If you have any information regarding the incident please contact the Seattle Police Department.

DSA letter to Mayor requests action upon rising violence downtown

sdp rangersThe Downtown Seattle Association (DSA) has a sent a letter to Mayor McGinn requesting something be done about the rise in violence in Downtown Seattle. In the letter DSA asks that there be more park rangers available and present at all city parks as well as additional bike and foot patrol officers on the streets throughout the city. These recommendations stem from not only the rising violence but also the fact that with increasing economic stability and population growth comes more revenue which should allow the city to be able to provide services to keep the city clean and safe.