SAM to Change Hours of Operation Beginning July 1


In order to save on operating costs and align with visitor patterns SAM will be cutting back its hours beginning Monday, July 1. The new hours will be 10:00am – 5:00pm Wednesday – Sunday with extended hours 9:00pm on Thursdays. The museum will be closed Mondays and Tuesdays which has been done in the past. There will not be any cuts in staffing or programming. There have not been enough visitors during Friday evenings to keep the museum open later but they will continue to offer Remix at SAM three times a year on Friday nights.

Are Green Roofs the New Thing?

Europe has been using green, or vegetated, roofs for over ten years. green roofIt is actually required that at least 20 percent of a new medium or large buildings in Tokyo be green. Many buildings around Seattle such as the Gates Foundation and the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance have green or vegetated roofs. Green roofs are commonly found on commercial buildings but are also becoming popular with residential buildings as well. Although there has been interest to make roofs of personal homes green or vegetated, it may be difficult to do so since most roofs on homes may not have been built strong enough to hold the weight of a green roof.

Having a green roof has many benefits. It reduces roof temperature and can keep a building cooler in the summer which in turn lowers the cost of air conditioning since it wouldn’t be used as much. It also reduces storm water runoff. The downside, besides it possibly being too heavy for certain roofs, is that it can be costly. It requires a bit of maintenance which takes time and money.



Possibility of Streetcars returning to Seattle

It has been over 70 years since Seattle has had streetcars. Once people began moving out of the city and into suburbs and cars became more popular and convenient, there wasn’t as much of a need for them. The railTrolleys were removed and paved streets took their place. But now, as more and more people begin moving back into the city the idea of bringing back functioning streetcars has emerged.

One idea is to have the streetcar run down 4th and 5th which would serve mostly commuters and may not have as much use on the weekends as the more favored idea of having the streetcar run down 1st Avenue would. Although having it run on 4th and 5th would be almost $50 million cheaper, being on 1st, the streetcar would run past bars, new restaurants, shops and places that are more popular to tourists all days of the week including weekends. Tom Graff of Ewing and Clark, Inc. agrees that running down 1st is the better option. It would help boost business and attract more to the area.

Some business owners are concerned that if the project does move forward, construction may cause problems by limiting parking spaces and obstructing accessibility to their businesses. They realize that they will benefit from it being on 1st and accept the idea if construction can be controlled. The City of Seattle held an open house Wednesday evening for those who wanted to learn more and discuss the topic as well as to kick off the                                         Center City Connector Project which will explore transit options for downtown.