Skanska Gets Approval for Taller Greener Building

Running shoe guru Brooks Sports submitted a proposal to move their headquarters from Bothel to Wallingford at the bottom of Stone Way, and have been approved for an extra green, and extra tall building. The building’s developer Skanska USA, has made plans for the building, dubbed Stone 34, to be 20ft higher than that property’s zoning normally allows. According to the Seattle Times, Seattle City Council voted 9-0 to allow the extended height for the “Living Building Challenge” program in Seattle, which works to plan the most Eco-friendly buildings possible.

But several members of the local community such as the Wallingford City Council, and the International Living Future Institute (who designed the Living Building program) has expressed their disapproval of the project, claiming that Skanska isn’t working towards enough of the Living Building requirements. They’ve expressed that extra incentives such as extended height should only be awarded to those attempting to go extra green. For more information on the building plans, visit Stone 34.

One thought on “Skanska Gets Approval for Taller Greener Building

  1. The amendments to Seattle’s Living Building Pilot Project that would allow some flexibility in the highly ambitious requirements of the program and encourage more developers to create deep green market rate buildings in the City were approve unanimously by the City Council after many community meetings and extensive design review. The new ordinance established Seattle’s Deep Green Pilot Program—different than the trademarked Living Building Challenge and akin to Seattle’s revamped Living Building Pilot Program. All of the programs are rooted in the same goal – encouraging the development of building that have the highest performance with our natural resources and offer our communities better long term assets.

    Stone34 is greener than 99.9999% of commercial office buildings according to Denis Hayes, president of the Bullitt Foundation. Skanska is working VERY hard to meet the program criteria. In fact, Stone34 will achieve between 80-97% of the Living Building Challenge requirements and 100% of the Deep Green Pilot Program requirements. Many who supported the changes did so out of a strong belief that the most important public benefit we get from encouraging projects like Stone34 is the reduced impact on our environment that buildings like this have.

    Are their neighbors who feel it’s too high, or who worry about their views? Yes. But the majority of comment and feedback was very supportive of this project, and these needed changes to the pilot program.

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