Enjoy a Summer Evening at Concerts At The Mural


Together, KEXP 90.3FM and the Seattle Center are presenting Concerts at the Mural. Beginning at 5:30pm on each of the first four Fridays of August, you can enjoy the music of some of KEXP’s favorite artists such as Mudhoney and Cloud Cult at the Mural Amphitheater. The all-ages concerts are free. Seating is first come first serve so you get there early for a good seat. Enjoy a drink in the beer garden and browse sponsor booths. For more information in the event you can visit KEXP‘s website.

Seattle’s Most Kid-Friendly Neighborhoods

Seattle Neighborhood MapMoving with your family on top of trying to figure out logistics can quickly become a full time job (or recurring nightmare), so doing some research before the big move is essential. You’ll want to research the school districts in the area, and find out what is most important to your family such as a shorter commute, or close proximity to parks and shopping.

Seattle has several neighborhoods that are highly populated with families, and there are also several neighborhoods where people under the age of 18 are fairly scarce. According to an article in the Seattle Times and their data source Experian, the Laurelhurst neighborhood has the highest population of children at 29.3%, and has 11 times more children as the Belltown neighborhood (2.6%). Other family friendly neighborhoods include South Beacon Hill (26.9%), North Seattle’s View Ridge (26%), and Mt Baker (25.3%). Seattle Kids

The neighborhoods with the lease number of children include the University District (3.3%) Downtown Seattle (3.2%) and Lower Queen Anne (3.6%). Seattle Children

There are also neighborhoods such as Capitol Hill (8%) and Portage Bay (7.8%) that are in the middle, both lightly populated with children, but  also have a high number of young adults without children.

If you are looking for a new home and trying to find a perfect neighborhood for whatever your needs are, please contact Kristine Losh with Ewing and Clark Real Estate.

Scientist Spotlight at Seattle’s Pacific Science Center


The Scientist Spotlight program is great for kids and adults interested in the many topics of science. The program features local scientists who share their work through hands on activities and conversation. You can learn about topics such as the geology of Mars, how to detect cancer-causing genes and estimating fish populations. Scientist Spotlight is offered the first Saturday of most months at the Pacific Science Center. Upcoming dates are: July 6, August 3, September 7, October 5 and December 7.

Topics such as “Where is the Polar Front?”, “What’s in a Neuron?” and “Save a Hair Cell, Save Your Hearing” are just a few of several that will be presented tomorrow, July 6th, 11:00am to 2:00pm.

Seattle Street Food Festival August 10th!

food truckThe first ever Seattle Street Food Festival will be happening on Saturday, August 10th! The festival will focus on food trucks and street vendors. It will be similar to the Mobile Food Rodeo which attracted over 30,000 people and 45 food trucks last year. It will be held in Cal Anderson Park, put on by Ryan Reiter and be sponsored by Pemco Insurance, University Audi, Naked Juice, Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce, The Stranger and Cal Anderson Park Alliance.

This year the festival is a one day event but will hopefully become a two day event beginning next year. Admission is free and food will be served from 5-11pm. You may purchase a priority line ticket for $35 or for $65 you can get a premiere pass which allow you to skip the lines, both available June 30th. The pop-up picnic will be from 7-10pm. Twelve chefs will each make a street food inspired dish which will then be judged. If you purchase a ticket you will be allowed in the area and sample the food prepared by the chefs as well as enjoy unlimited drinks. There will only be 250 tickets available. You can buy tickets starting June 28th for $125. The price goes up to $165 if bought after July 11th.

Ethan Stowell and Jason Franey will be hosted an industry party after the picnic until 2:00am. Since there will be limited space, the first 100 people who buy a ticket for the pop-up picnic will be invited to the party. They will be given the info regarding its whereabouts.