Okay for Some Motorcycles to Run Red Lights?

Some motorcycles are too small or not heavy enough to trigger sensors formotorcycle traffic light signals. A bill has passed the Senate and is now being heard in the House. SB 5141 would allow motorcycles to cautiously run red lights after coming to a complete stop and waiting at an intersection for a full light cycle. If the light does not change green after a full cycle, the motorcycle would then be allowed to drive through the red light or make a left turn. This would only be allowed at certain intersection as not all signal lights are sensored.

Student Compete in Robotics Competition

64 high school teams will be competing in therobots                                   Seattle Regional FIRST Robotics Competition March 28-30th. Students are challenged to design and build remote controlled robots. They had six weeks come up with and create their idea with the help of professional mentors and engineers. The theme of this year’s competition is Ultimate Ascent. The robots will have to attempt throwing Frisbees into goals within a certain time period and climb pyramids. The teams are competing for awards and a chance to go to the FIRST National Championship which will be held in St. Louis, MO. April 24-27th.

The competition is sponsored by FIRST, a non-for profit organization which is dedicated to inspiring young people to pursue opportunities in math, science, technology and engineering. It will be held at          CenturyLink Field Event Center. Admission is free. The public is invited to to come and watch the excitement. Opening ceremonies begin at 8:30am on both Friday and Saturday mornings.

Beware of Nightmare Tenant

Police are looking for Jessica Carde who faces 12 criminal charges.Carde She is the nightmare tenant any landlord should avoid. It seems she would say anything to get what she wanted. She lied, cheated, and sent people to jail in order to steal and get what she wanted. Carde presented herself to landlords as a wealthy woman who was interested in rent to own luxury homes in the North Bend, Kirkland and Woodinville areas.

After signing a lease to rent a property with the option to buy, Carde would pay minimal rent and then stop paying altogether. She did and said anything that would delay the eviction process. To get back at the landlords when they attempted to evict her, she accused them of dealing drugs, embezzling her deposit or trying to kill her. While these claims were investigated and some were sent to jail Carde lived in the houses rent free.

When an elderly landlord passed away from a stroke, Carde accused his family of wanting him dead. After an investigation it was found that Carde had been lying. She has borrowed thousands of dollars from business men and caused hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage to a home which none of the money has been paid back.

Carde goes by numerous aliases. In the 1980s she had allegedly kidnapped her two sons from Minnesota. She defended herself by accusing her husband of sexually abusing the boys. She and her husband were never convicted of any crimes in the matter.

$800k Price Drop in the Highlands!

When an Arthur Erickson designed home hits the market, most Seattleites gain interest in the story but when an Arthur Erickson designed home in the Highlands has a price drop of nearly $1,000,0000; well, now we’ve got your attention. Originally built in 1979, this home has been recognized among the most significant homes in the Pacific Northwest, and sits on 8+ acres in the Highlands. The home boasts white polished concrete & glass ceilings and an open floor plan.  To the south the home looks out over an impressive swimming pool with a sculptural meadow and a prominent woodland backdrop and to the northwest over a reflection pool with mountain and sound views beyond.  The estate also includes a James Cutler designed 1,700 sf guesthouse tucked away so not to disturb the views of the main house.  The estate was previously listed for $4,495,000 and has recently been re-listed for $3,695,000.

Over the past year, there have been six residences that sold in the Highlands, three of which exceeded $3 million. Currently there are 10 active listings in the Highlands. Click the link for more information on this home or others in The Highlands.

Home Prices are Finally Back on Track!

According to the latest report from Fiserv’s Case-Shiller, home prices are predicted to return back to normal, and we should expect gains in our future! After many years of unpredictability, a market increase is headed our way. According to the report, home prices are estimated to increase 3.7%  beginning in the third quarter of 2013 and 2014, and home prices in nearly every metro market are expected to see an increase in 2013. This past year we’ve seen a glimmer of a recovery, and home prices are expected to stabilize, more-so than they have in the past 15 years. From 1998 to 2006, home prices rose 5% or more each year, and once that housing bubble peaked, the plunge was devastating; dropping nearly 30.5% through September of 2012. home1

In the 4th quarter of 2011 is when we finally began to see signs of stabilization, according to a report by CNNMoney. From Sept 2011-2012 US home prices were on the rise, and several of the metro cities hit hardest by the housing downfall, saw the greatest gain during this time. By the end of 2013, Fisver predicts that nearly all housing markets will see an increase. If you’re looking to sell your home, contact your local Real Estate agent today!

Are Green Roofs the New Thing?

Europe has been using green, or vegetated, roofs for over ten years. green roofIt is actually required that at least 20 percent of a new medium or large buildings in Tokyo be green. Many buildings around Seattle such as the Gates Foundation and the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance have green or vegetated roofs. Green roofs are commonly found on commercial buildings but are also becoming popular with residential buildings as well. Although there has been interest to make roofs of personal homes green or vegetated, it may be difficult to do so since most roofs on homes may not have been built strong enough to hold the weight of a green roof.

Having a green roof has many benefits. It reduces roof temperature and can keep a building cooler in the summer which in turn lowers the cost of air conditioning since it wouldn’t be used as much. It also reduces storm water runoff. The downside, besides it possibly being too heavy for certain roofs, is that it can be costly. It requires a bit of maintenance which takes time and money.



Seattle Commercial Agents win Power Broker Award

trophyCostar, the largest research organization serving commercial real estate, has released the list of recipients for their annual Power Broker Awards. The winners for the top retail leasing brokers in the Puget Sound market include Tom Graff, and Cameron Kent of Ewing & Clark, who together have established a strong presence in the core Seattle neighborhoods. What are the awards based on you might ask? The Power Broker Awards are given to those in the community who  have an outstanding performance in what is now an increasingly competitive commercial real estate market. Performance is based on their overall leasing transaction volume for the previous year, as reported by Costar, and measured against all of the active commercial real estate brokers in their market.

Congratulations to Mr. Kent and Mr. Graff for their achievements in the industry! As Costar is the largest commercial real estate research organizations, being recognized as one of the top real estate dealmakers around should be considered a great achievement. For more information on the 2012 Power Broker Awards visit Costar.